My location: United States
Oct 26, 2009

Hello everybody!
Last week-end we were in Montecarlo for the last EFRA GP of the year.
Monaco is well known for it's great weather all aroun the world, but as we arrived at the track on friday we found a cloudy and cold morning..the track was still wet but the weather foracast promised a sunny and warm fact at midday the sun started to shine and he went on until the end of the week-end.
Two weeks before we had the italian Championship in Fiorano and since my car was working great there we decided to leave all like it was; we put the car on the track and we realized that Fiorano's set-up was working really good also in Montecarlo. We touched nothing on the car and we just waited that the traction came out. We immediatly concentrated on the body choise: i had to choos between Blitz, Protoform and Zytec..the last one proved to be the best having a good compromise between steering in the fast corners and traction out of the harpins. After the body choise we tested some engines and after this the first day was gone. On sunday we had a controlled practice and 4 qualifying rounds. During the qualify i had no problems and i could take the overnight pole position being the only one who managed to make 30 laps. On Sunday morning ther was the last round... once again everything went in the right way and i could improve my time. Behind me Robin D'hont, Adrien Bertin and Walter Salemi were the other direct qualifiers. Now we had to decide for a good strategy looking at the main final..the tire wear was really high and with big tires i felt not so good on this technical we opted for a double tyre change. "Ten! Nine! Eight! .... Three! Release the cars!" and the main final started..for the first 15 minutes it was a battle between me and Robin who followed me with a small delay; but after my first tyre change he started to loose tenth: he tried to make only one change but at 20 minutes he was already out of tyres. At the end he had to make an extra tyre change then i stopped pushing and i just tried to take it home..At the end i could win with 2 laps advantage on D'hont. The third place was taken by the always young Serpent driver Serge Christiany. This was the end of a perfect week-end spent together with very nice and friendly people. What's more it was a great result for team Serpent who put 6 cars in the main final with me, Christiany, Mouton, Smaldone, Lorenzi and Riccobono!

I want to thank my dad and pitman Marcello and all my sponsors: Serpent, Max Power, Enneti, Sanwa.
Till next race
Ciao ciao