My location: United States
Oct 25, 2009

Dani Vega, the famous Spanish racer ( mainly known in offroad ) picked up a test with Serpent 966 at the last Spanish Nats in Madrid, invited by Serpent Spain.

The 2004 National 1/8 onroad champ was still doing well, taking a 4th spot direct into the final with Serpent 966/Orion. As he was not exactly in the fastest heat, so thats a pretty amazing result, not having raced 1/8 scale onroad for a long time.

In the final a neglected spring-washer on one of the 966 front shocks, made the car handling very hard, and Dani finished 7th only. Looking at his laptimes in the heats a podium finish was within good reach.

Anyway great test and excellent speed, as Dani was very fast with the 966 car after very little practise.

Team Serpent Spain