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Oct 25, 2009

The last EFRA GP in 2009 in Monaco of all places ;) More gambling ?

Fabulous victory for Andrea Cristiani with Serpent 966, 2.5 laps clear of WC finalist Robin d'Hondt from Belgium, and a super 3rd place for French driver Serge Christiany, also with Serpent 966 and in 4th 40+ EC Champion Jackly Mouton with Serpent 966 as well, Smolderen, Lorenzi too, Serpent driver Riccobonno made it into the Final, but only made few laps and was out too soon, stll making it 6 x 966 out of 10.

Also fastest lap-time in the final for Andrea Christiani.

Team Serpent Monaco

Thx to Robin for the facebook images ;)