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Oct 7, 2009

Danish Championship 2009 – Almost..

The 2009 championship in the Super Stock division, turned out to be one, perhaps even the – toughest fight for the victory, I have ever experienced. It was for the first time with BL motors in this Championship with 10.5 as the choice for the 5 cells.
Three drivers made their mark from the first race back in the end of April, and did so all the way to the final race in August, where they all had a chance for the Championship. The TQ in the final race more or less made the difference.

Round 1
The season opened at the last weekend of April. The grid showed some fast guys in all ages attending and practice promised a close race.
During qualification I first made a run with brushed 19T due to problems with my BL ESCs from practice. Made the fastest lap of the round, but didn’t make all five minutes. Took a chance and but in the BL. It paid out. It worked, and I could secure the TQ spot during the second and third heat, with a gap of just over 1 sec.

The mains went without any problems. I did what was needed and kept the race under control – win in two of the three mains and taking the round win.
Dennis Hassing came in 2nd and Thomas Larsen 3rd.

Round 2
A few weeks later it was time again.
Sadly practice was washed away due to rain. Due to a very uncertain forecast for the race day I took time to test some things in case of yet a rainy day. This however gave me a lot of work on the car, as I almost drowned it…
Due to work on the car from practice, I didn’t make my dry weather practice, and had to tune in the car during qualification. Not a smart move I learned. I did quickly find a good setup, but as I felt I had the speed for Q3 I lost concentration for a short moment and the car hit the barrier. Was some what p…. as I had dialed in for the TQ spot. A was how ever third on the grid and confident.

First main didn’t go as planed got turned around in the first two corners and was dead last. But I didn’t give up! I knew I was fast now and raced up through the field to the liking of spectators. J
Was third after about four or five laps and just past the three minute mark I passed for second. Sadly I only got close to the leader. One more minute and I would have made it!
Better start in the A-main two. An OK start, but I again was turned around and lost a few spots. I then did the same as in the first main. With two minutes to go I was third and getting closer to the leader. During the last minute I was right on his tail looking for the moment. It came during the very last corner! I did it at won the heat. Yes! This is racing.
Third main was a disaster. This time a good start but well into the first lap I want to pass for second and we ram the wall together – and he even knew his car wasn’t running correctly due to electrical problems. A very sad out come. Also I got a penalty. :?
Result: TQ and win to Johnny Pedersen, I was 2nd and Thomas Larsen took 3rd.

Round 3
I was actually not to attend this race but a last minute change made it possible. Looking back I should have stayed home. I wasn’t at the top of my game due to illness, but really wanted to put my name in for the overall win.
During qualification I just managed to grab the TQ spot in the last round. A very close fight was won with just a few 1/10.

The mains were not good. Luck really left out on me this time. It felt like I couldn’t do anything right. Every time the battle came really close – like wheel to wheel close – I was the one to be send off course.
Thomas Larsen took the win with Morten Iversen 2nd and Johnny Pedersen 3rd. I managed a disappointing 4th place finish.

Round 4
Practice was good. As the previous races it showed that the race would be very close. And yet again it was.
During qualification it was a battle between Thomas and my self. He was able to grab it with just a second faster then I.

Main was a showing of ups and downs. I took the lead of the first main from the first corner diving to the inside and taking the corner. Never looked back and controlled the race.
A sad start to the second main as pin was lost in swing shaft – on the grid. Eight and last in this one…
I make a good start to the last main. A bit to headless defense from the racer in TQ and we go sideways and looses a few spots. We gain the lost positions back and are leading in a very closer battle changing positions. I take the lead with a minute to go and he hits my rear going into a corner and the body tuck. We both end of the track and loose the race.
Result: Johnny Pedersen wins, Thomas Larsen 2nd and I secure 3rd.

Round 5 – Final
Practice prior to the race shows good speed in the car. It as very close in the championship as Johnny Pedersen is leading with two point over my self and Thomas Larsen, who is equal on point.
Practice also shows that even more racers are looking to take part in the fight for TQ and race win. Lap times are very close.
I find a good set-up and some fast stuff for the car. Unfortunately my perhaps best motor overheats and is damaged inside. It was slightly faster then anything ells I had.
I do my best during qualification, but just don’t have what it takes this day and is only third. And as Johnny Pedersen surprises us with very fast lap times, he secures the TQ spot with just over a second to Thomas Larsen.

A-mains are close and it stays a battle between the three of us. Thomas tries everything and is perhaps too aggressive and do not get the wished result. Also Johnny has his share of bad moments. I more or less settle for third in my head, but looks for the opening to gain more points. Due to their intense racing I finish the season with a win in the last two mains, and thereby win the final race of the season – just as I started it. Johnny Pedersen shows some great racing and fights himself to 2nd with Thomas Larsen making the last step on the podium as 3rd.

Overall in the Danish Championship 2009 Super Stock the win goes to Johnny Pedersen wining it with just two points. I come in 2nd one point ahead of Thomas Larsen who finished 3rd overall.
This is my third consecutive podium finish in the outdoor Danish Championships in Super Stock. And I must say has been the closest and best one – even though I “only” finished 2nd.

The thanks
I have to thank all my sponsors for making it possible for me to race at this level. Without You I’m not sure the results would be quite the same. I really appreciate all your help..

My thanks to Serpent and Xceed for giving me the chance to show what your products can doo in my car. Thanks for providing top products, with what my car is fit for fight when it is time to race.
I hope to bring many more results to the Serpent and Xceed result CV.

Se You at the race track.


Nicolai Nielsen