My location: United States
Oct 7, 2009

Hi racers,

We first got the 733 around 1 week before the euros in Gubbio, Italy. We prepared the car as soon as we got it and got ready for the race, at Gubbio the car performed well all week. In qualifying I ended up 12th overall going into the Semi, I started well and was in 3rd for a lap or two until I had a collision with a back marker causing my car to cut out. I got back out at the back of the grid and worked my way up to 7th at around 15 minutes I made a mistake causing the car to break, this was the end of the race. We watched Mark and Michael in there semi but both had problems.
When we got back from Gubbio our first race in the UK was at Halifax, I qualifyed 3rd. In the Final it rained lightly at the start of the race, we changed tyres but then it dried out so we lost alot of time by changing tyres again I finished 4th with Serpent driver Johnathan Dobney takeing the win. Our next race was at Adur near brighton, we got a little practise on the Saturday but again rain finished the day off for us. In qualifying I took TQ 4 seconds in front of Johnathan, and in the Final I took the win in front of Johnathan. The next National was at Cotswoulds with good weather! Saturday was good and the car felt good at the end of the day, in qulifying Mark took TQ a second in front of me with Neal king in third.

In the Final I took the lead after the first lap from Mark in second, but on marks 7th lap somebody tapped him and broke his car into the pit board. I won with Johnathan in second 2 laps behind. This lead to our last national at Halifax with Saturday again held off by rain until around the last half an hour when we got a little bit of running in. With a hard qualifying on sunday because of rain the track was damp, I qualifyed first with Robin Hammet in second. I got off to a good start leading from start to finish, but when I got down from the rostrum I found that I had came second as on my second fuel stop I hit a damp patch exiting the pit lane and cliped a cerb causing the car to roll over the line and land back on its wheels. But for some reason it didnt count the lap, still thats racing. Neil King took the win from me in second and joe kerry in third, this gave the Serpent 733 a top three finish with six in the final. Every body has improved now with the new car and seems to be likeing it, the car seems very consistant and always seems easy to drive, and also the tyre wear seems better. The championship was ended with Me winning and Johnathan in second.

I would like to thank my sponsers Serpent for providing the car and Andrea Rossi for the Sirio engines.

Till the next time.