My location: United States
Oct 7, 2009

Dear Racer,

last weekend we meet us in Türkheim for a Friendrace in the autumn!

Klaus and Franziska was driving with the 1/8 S966 and Veronica with the 1/10 S720. My job for the weekend was in the pitlane for them.. Also Family Gruber from the east-Germany visit us! Toni was quite fast with his S966.

From Saturdaymorning until the Lunch we had free practice. And to the afternoon we took 2 controlpractice in the heats, after a short break we start with the qualification! On Saturday we drove 3 from 5 Heats.

On Sundaymorning we took the other two heats.
The TQ's in 1/10 was:
1. Dominic Greiner
2. Armin Baier
3. Tobias Bieniek
4. Jennifer Bernauer, Serpent 733

TQ in 1/8:
1. Norbert Mayrhofer
2. Toni Gruber, Serpent 966
3. Sascha Wettengl
4. Jürgen Horzella

Veronica was driving very well in her Semifinal and she took the 6th place after 20 Minutes.

Klaus took the 5th place, he must go over the Semifinal into the Final. He was driving together with Franci in the Final.. My sister Veronica and I we were very busy in the pitlane! But we make a great job and Klaus won the Final and Franci was on 6th position!

The 1/10 Final won Dominic Greiner with a Start-finish victory..
1. Dominic Greiner
2. Heinz Wächs
3. Tobias Bieniek

9. Jennifer Bernauer, Serpent 733
16. Veronica Lechner, Serpent 720

The 1/8 Final was very exciting for everyone! Sascha won also with a Start-finish voctory.. Second was Norbert Mayrhofer.
Toni and Klaus drove the fastest lap in the Final with 12,2 sec. The booth fight for the 3rd place. And in the End Toni took the place and the Junior Titel, behind on 4th was Klaus with the Senior Titel.

12. Stephan Hein, Serpent 966
13. Maxi Günther, Junior, Serpent 966
16. Franziska Lechner, Junior, Serpent 966
18. Joe Grauer, Serpent 966
21. Katharina Hein, Serpent 966
22. Manuel Dietrich, Serpent 966

See you in the next race..
your Sabrina
Team Serpent Germany