My location: United States
Oct 7, 2009

Hi racers,

Saturday was wet for most of the day, until for about half an hour at the end of the day which was still a little damp. We just had abit of a run round with the car to make sure it was running ok. On sunday it was wet all of the mourning, In the first round of qualifying I TQ'd just in front of neil king, in the second round neil king made a good drive and tyre choice and took TQ, the track was still wet, In the third round it started to dry but around 5 mins before we went out it rained and we chose the wrong tyres so the run was slower letting neil go faster and Simon wood to take second with me third. In the final round of qualifying the track had dried quite alot and luckley we made a good tyre choice as only half the track was wet. I went out on a rubber tyre and took TQ just in front of Robin Hammet.Young Alex Thurston driving for Kyosho qualified seventh. For the Final it was dry I got off to a good start leading from start to finish, but when I got down from the rostrum I found that I had came second as on my second fuel stop I hit a damp patch exiting the pit lane and cliped a cerb causing the car to roll over the line and land back on its wheels. But for some reason it didnt count the lap, still thats racing. This gave Serpent 733 the top three [with six making the final], a very popular win for Neil king with Kyle Branson in second and Joe kerry in third. Well done to Neil for an excellent drive and hope it makes up for the bad luck he has had this year. The Championship was already over with Me winning, Johnathan dobney in second and Chris slater I think in Third.

I would like to thank my sponsers Serpent for providing the car and Andrea Rossi for the Sirio engines.

Till the next time.