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Oct 6, 2009

The work payed off – EPS race 1

Hello my Serpent friends, it’s me again, after a very exhausting Euro Pan Serie race one. I am really happy with the way things were going.

I went to Schermbeck Friday early in the morning, after picking my buddy Vesa up from the Düsseldorf airport. Practice started at 11.30 and we had 7 practice runs in every class. I used all the runs to adjust both my setups for my S120 and prototype S120 link car. At the end of the day, both cars were working fine. I only needed some small adjustments on my link car, as it had little too much steering and was diffing out sometimes.

Vesa and me went to the hotel at 10.00 and then we had the usual RC discussions.

On saturday morning there were two more practice runs, but I did not use them, as I knew the traction was lower. Also there were too many things to do with organizing for the EPS race itself.

Qualifying went off bad in both classes, as I had major problems with backmarkers. Well ok, there were enough runs, so it would come out in a good way.
Actually qualifying went superb than, I smashed the whole stock field by 5 seconds, including the current European champion Marc Fischer. Wow, I was a happy man!
Also Modified I dominated and TQed by 4 seconds ahead of Fischer. The new prototype S120 link was going well, not perfect, but I am still in the stage of testing.

Both first A mains were a mess, in Modified I was leading by 4 seconds when I was crashed twice when lapping people. In Stock my brain did not work, I crashed in the first lap. What a beginner mistake I thought. LOL

After taking a nice cigarette outdoors, I came down a little. The second Modified A main went off well again, I lead with 3 seconds when I was taken out by a backmarker again, so I had to settle down for second. Hmmm, Modified is not easy, I do not blame anyone, the cars are so fast, so things like that happen. I still had the chance to win.

In the second stock A main, I had an intense race with Marc Fischer. It was cool, and very fair. Supergood for all the spectators. I won the main, closely followed by Marc. I have to say that I made a wrong choice with tyres in that main, so the car was not as good than in qualifying.

Third leg of Modfied went off well again and I was like 4-5 seconds in the lead, when I decided to take cruise control. Well, this was the wrong decision, I lost concentration and hit a curb and my car ended up on the side, which cost me half a lap. Daniel Sieber was leading now. I could close the gap fast and was chasing Daniel.
Accidently I hit him in one of the hairpins. I gently waited for him, but in a hurry he crashed himself, so I moved on. I could easily cruise away again and took home the Modified overall victory.

Tension was high before the last stock A main, I decided to change rear tyres, and this was the right way. My car was so good now. I lead easily and I knew Marc Fischer would push like hell to catch me. Every time when he gained a little, all I need to do was pushing for 2-3 laps to run away again. I won that main very easily and demonstrating with 2 seconds ahead of Marc.

Well great, what a superb result, all the practice and testing work payed off!

I really like to thank the Serpent and 2speed staff for all their support. Also thanks to LRP, Speedtech, Sanwa and Blackart.

Special thanks go out to my wife, who lets me play with little cars, when she is watching our young son and to Sven Schröder, my mechanic. You were a great help my friend!

See you hopefully all at the EPS Race 2 in Belgium.
Take care

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