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Oct 4, 2009

Merlin Depta takes German Regional North in Hamburg + Serpent Podium complete

Last weekend the German regional and national qualifier took place in Hamburg, North Germany. The weather was lovely, the temperature warm, as we know it from the North of Germany. Starting from two in the Grid behind Lars Hoppe, youngster Merlin Depta was able to take the lead after Lars had made an Error with Lapping another driver. Spectacular was the fight between Lennart Skornia, also Serpent, and Merlin Depta, who where fightig after 29 minutes for the victory. Only one lap before the checkered flag was liftet, 2-speed Team pilot Merlin was able to gain lead back again and finish the race first completing his 137th lap.

Sothat the Serpent/2-speed trio is:

1. Merlin Depta - 2-speed / Serpent 966 / Xceed Ital. light
2. Lennart Skornia - 2-speed / Serpent 966 / Xceed Ital. light
3. Michael Paetz - 2-speed / Serpent 966 / Xceed Ital. light

Thanks to mechanic Hansi Heise for pitting.
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