My location: United States
Sep 28, 2009

The final round of Polish Championships in Nitro On-roads was held last weekend in Pacanow with all titles still up for grabs. The event attracted the majority of best Polish racers from both nitro and electric classes. It was wet and rainy throughout the whole weekend. After 4 rounds of qualifying it was Artur Dzierzecki who took the TQ with 733 in 1/10th scale, while in National 1/10th Start class Jakub Franek, two times champion in electric classes, who has swapped this year for nitro, came out on top. In 1/8th scale, excellent driver and owner of a lot of titles, Rafal Zeljas, took Pole Position after 4 amazing Qualiheats. The fastest driver in National IC-8 40+ was Wojtek Bukryj.

The 1/10th class was won by Arek Gajzler, after Artur Dzierzecki’s big bad luck , whose 733 clutch burnt out, and when another 733 driver – Marcin Podrazik crashed his car. In 1/10th Start class Jakub Franek, unfortunately chose bad tires and had to change them in the final. After great work from both him and his mechanic, took his serpent to second place with only 2 laps of loss. In 1/8th Rafal Zeljas racing 966 had also bad luck. While driving in the 2nd place, the race was suddenly stopped due to power loss, when he was having big chance to overtake Norbert Omelanczuk, who won the race. After 30 minutes of intensive final action Wojtek Bukryj took the win in National class IC-8 40+.

After the final Jakub Franek said: “ It was a huge pity for me, that I had to change my tires during 30-minutelong final. We started the race on a wet track, so I chose intermediate foam tires. During my final, the track was getting drier and drier. In 15 minute it was totally dry and my tires were worn out. I changed them to normal Xceed foams and here I lost about 5 laps. So I started to chase the leader and I ended in second place with 2 laps of loss, but I am the present champion, so the task has been done. But you have always some kind of want for first place… Now I think my season is ended so far and I will start preparing my stuff for next season, maybe German Champs? I want also to thank my dad, who did amazing work during pit-stops. Even some of the people, who were in Lostallo said my father was tanking me as fast as the mechanics from WC. Also big thanks for my sponsors – Serpent, Novarossi, Xceed, Merlin and Fameks . See you at some big race in Europe next year! “

Final standings of the 2009 season looks like this:

IC-10 Start
1. Jakub Franek –Serpent/Novarossi/Xceed/Merlin/Futaba
2. Krystian Sobala
3. Lukasz Les

1. Arkadiusz Gajzler
2. Robert Motyl – Serpent/Novarossi/Xceed/Merlin
3. Robert Okonski – Serpent/Novarossi/Xceed/Merlin

1. Norbert Omelanczuk
2. Rafal Zeljas – Serpent/Novarossi/Xceed/Merlin
3. Marek Borowski – Serpent/Max/Xceed/

IC-8 40+
1. Wojtek Bukryj – Serpent/Novarossi/Xceed/Merlin
2. Piotr Szalapak – Serpent/Mega/Xceed/
3. Krzysztof Sobera – Serpent/Novarossi/Xceed/Merlin