My location: United States
Sep 28, 2009

Last race for the 1/10 Champioship and Kostas Sidiropoulos with his Serpent car - Max Power motor was announced 1/10 Champion for 2009.

Special guest from ELME was Chris Tosolini for this race that took the TQ and the top spot on the rostrum. The challenge for Kostas was just to be ahead of Spiros Piknis the other claimant of the championship as they had the exact same points. At the qualification Kostas managed the 3 place on the grid that was a good gap over 7th Piknis.

On the A’ Final the lead was always for Tosolini that won also the race. Kostas managed to take the second place over Zacharopoulo, finish with a 2 laps gap over Piknis, and win the 2009 Championship.

Sogias and Sotiropoulos had some problems during the final and managed to only 9 and 10 th place on the final.

Overall was a very successful year for Microracing and team Serpent as Sidiropoulos won 1/10 Championship but also Sotiropoulos made 4 out 4 in 1/8 (already 1/8 Champion) and with just one race to go, he is unbeatable

Final Results

1 Tosolini Chris 99 30:11.945

2 Sidiropoulos Kostas 96 30:10.984 Serpent Max

3 Piknis Spiros 94 30:01.508

4 Agelakopoulos Fotis 92 30:07.480

5 Likaris Vasilis 92 30:13.433

6 Zachropoulos Kostas 92 30:16.421

7 Papas Xaris 90 30:04.964

8 Kirkos Panagiotis 90 30:05.485

9 Sogias Stayros 85 30:10.093 Serpent Max

10 Sotiropoulos Giannis 79 30:00.540 Serpent

Congratulation to Kostas.