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Sep 21, 2009

Team Serpent Ireland claimed two podium finishes over the weekend at the rescheduled running of the third round of the Irish National Championships in Dublin. Racing under beautiful sunny conditions, a rare occurrence, at the St.Annes track Michael Byrne took his 960 to a very strong second in the 1:8 Final while nitro debutant Pat Healy, who is more used to racing his electric powered Serpent S400, took his newly acquired 720 to third in the 1:10 200mm final. With six Serpent's starting the 30-minute encounter, 733 driver Keith Dempsey, who took the new car to victory on its Irish debut at the recent Irish Grand Prix, was leading the race when 7-minutes in he hit a kid who had walked out onto the track. The kid was ok but the front of the 733 was destroyed and Dempsey's race was over.

The final round of eight and final round of the 1:10 200m National Championships takes place this coming weekend at the tight Ballymoney track in Northern Ireland.

Team Serpent Ireland