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Sep 15, 2009

Toni Gruber (Serpent 733) received a trophy as German Junior Champion followed by Dominik Zeidler.

At the race in Turkheim he managed getting into the semi-final B, but missed the main final.

The ods were against most Serpent drivers at this German Nats. Michael Salven made it into the final as direct qualifier in 3rd, and was leading he final for a while with super-speed, but another car rolled and was spinning onto the straight ending his chances. Not the luckiest of seasons for Salven.

In the semi-finals Serpent 733 drivers Toni Gruber, Steve Baumgarten, Andreas Giesa, Karl-Heinz Meister and Dirk Stammler were all at good pace, but for different reasons did not make the final this time.

Team Serpent Germany