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Sep 13, 2009

Alessio Mazzeo was able to finish 3rd in the last round of the Italian Nats in the Top-class and also arrived in 3rd place in the National Championship ranking.

His tyres were too small in the end to defend his 2nd position against Tironi, so had to settle for the last place on the podium, behind D-Angelo and Tironi. Great work from mechanic Domanin.

In the F1 class new Serpent driver Bracci, did very well with Serpent 733, after qualifying in 2nd, he also managed 3rd on the podium. Great race !

Team Serpent Italy

Hi to everybody

the third race to the italian championship is raced to Riccione ( Rimini ). The track is very difficult had fast and slow curves . For some problems I arrived in the track saturdat mornig when were already start the controllated practice , and for this race i didn't have my mechanic (my father) and this was my first expirience wothout my father and for this race my mechanic was Fabio Domanin .

Friday mornig started the first heat where I was very slow because I didn't know this track , but heat after heat I improved more always and also the car improved more . Saturday morning there was the qualification and i closed with the 7th position because in the first heat I had committed some errors . Sunday i started for the semifinal , in my semifinal there were the two times european champion Dario Balestri . I passed the semifinal without problems and arriving behind Darrio , "landing" so in final .

In the final has been another history , because thanks to the MY MECHANIC Fabio :P the car was improved , and we have used a strategy without change the tyres because my car but in general the 733 is not subject to the rolling , but the other car in this race rolling . I started with the number 8 but in the first lap i was in 5th position but at the 20th minutes to the race i was first , but to cause of the usury of the tyres , because has been a staight final and to cause a contact when i passed Tironi that was doubled I have surrendered the first position to Giuseppe D'angelo that wins the race and the title to Italian Champion , Tironi arrived in second position in the race and in the championship and i arrived third in the race and in the champion :D. This has been a very beatiful race , and I have to thank Fabio Domanin for the possibility that has given me and for the enormous effort THANKS FABIO , and thanks also massimo fantini and to Alessandro Bracci that with the serpent 733 arrived in third position in the f1 category, and thanks to Stefano Armagni (ashobbyracing) fot moral help .

So ciao ciao to everybody, my next race will in Locorotondo to the Gp efra , i hope that he succeeds in improving more always so I HOPE

Alessio Mazzeo