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Sep 13, 2009

Sportsman class
Young talented driver(13 years old) , Takumi Matsuda with newly released Serpent 733 /Picco engine/Xceed tire won the Japanese Nationals sportsman class just 0.2 second ahead from M. Inagaki(2nd position) in 40minutes final !!

Takumi Matsuda scored the best time in the controled practice but could not have any good run for all three qualify rounds so the qualify
result was only 23 position(1/4 final) unfortunately.

But at the all finals, he performed so strong from 1/4 and 1/2 finals to move up to the grand final successfully.

Also in the main final, he made very constant drive to be able to make 17 seconds gap safely from 2nd position (M. Inagaki) at remaining 5minutes to go in 40 minutes final then unexpected accident happened to T. Matsuda at the last refueling , he got "stop and go" penalty for bad refueling just remaing 3 minutes to the end and the gap from 2nd driver was shrinked to 2 seconds then M. Inagaki started pushing very hard to catch up with T.

Matsuda and reducing the gap few tenth seconds every lap aggressively.

At the final lap, M..Inagaki almost reach to T. Matsuda but T. Matsuda did not let him pass and finished the 40minutes with first major victory for Serpent 733.

Most of world level Japanese top drivers were attended in this open class such as Takaaki. Shimo, Keisuke Fukuda, Toshiyuki Iwamoto , Ken Furukawa, Hidero Kitazawa, Sahashi brothers ........

Team Serpent with 733 made a excellent job with three drivers(Sahashi brothers and Takehiro Terauchi who were all into the grand finals this time).

Sahashi brother could not make a good start and need to push up from lower position.

First part of final was leading by four drivers, T. Shimo, K. Fukuda, T. Terauchi and K. Furukawa.
Sahashi brothers were in contact pace and moved up the position step by step.

Tadahiko Sahashi did almost no mistake in the final and moved up to the 2nd position and still tried to pace up to reach the race leader Keisuke Fukuda but not enough time to reduce the 7 seconds gap at the end.

Both set-ups of Tadahiko and Matsuda in the set-up section:

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