My location: United States
Aug 25, 2009

It was a very nice race there and I finished in 35th place in this 2009 World Championship.

We were testing a lot with set-up, bodies, engines and after the qualification I took the 42 place so I was in the 1/8 finale.

I was able to finish 3rd in the 1/8 final and thus bumped up to the 1/4 final, which made me very happy! My Serpent 966 was so great. My dad did a very good job to find this perfect setup. My dad was working together with Matthias Meister in the pitlane! Thanks to them I made such good result as they made such a great job!

On Saturday morning my 1/4 final started, the track was a bit dirty and in the beginning it was very difficult to drive!

After a perfect start I jumped from 9th starting place up to 5th right away. Unfortunataly I made a mistake after and went into the wet grass ! A little later in the final my very fast Max motor stopped due to a broken glow plug, so I dropped back into last position. After replacing the plug and re-joining the race, I still managed to finish in 7th position. Without the driving error and the broken plug, I could have made it into the semi-final, as my lap-times were really good enough. Maybe next time …. !

Anyway it was a great race by the Lostallo club, and I would say thanks to my sponsors Serpent, Maxpower, idmtyres, MLC-Fuel, LMI-Racing and Team Titan. And a special thanks to my mechanic Papa ( dad) and and Matthias Meister.

My next race is the 1/10 scale DMC German Champs with the Serpent 733 around 13 september.

Take care,