My location: United States
Aug 13, 2009

All teams have arrived for the 2009 IFMAR World Championships in Lostallo, Swiss.

At the beautifull track in the mountains of Swiss, around 150 racers will battle for the title.

Timing can be followed through this page:

Serpent Team members from all over the World are competing, both young fast guns as well as the well knows top-guns.

Salven, Yuya Sahashi, Fantini and Morganti already found a good pace with low 20 secs laps. With only 4 heats per day per driver, there is limited time for major changes. So team-work will be essential, exchanging idea's and joining forces.

Serpent is one of the proud sponsors of this event, and we also sponsor the almost live, and even live reports from for this event.

Team Serpent