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Jul 21, 2009

Wednesday was an interesting day and still not finished. Many set-ups are tried. Bodies, tyres, fuel, diffs, shocks etc etc. Lots of stuff to try.

Team Serpent is sharing the set-up work, as to cover more possibilities in shorter time and learn the new 733 car quicker.

Stef reports that the main Serpent aces are really fast. Jilles, Mark Green, Mazzeo, Gentile, Salven, Kyle all looking pretty good.

Temperature in the pits is over 40 degrees C, so over 110 F.

Thats also means that laptimes slow down, due high temperatures.

More news tmrw. and more images added to the gallery.

More news and images in as sponsored by Serpent, so they can bring good reports. Look for the events section.

Team Serpent