My location: United States
Jul 13, 2009

With his Serpent 966 FLAVIO Elias Conquest his 5th Title of 1/8 On road Brazilian Championship.
Returning from the warm up in Lostallo directly to the wonderfull circuit Rodeo Drive in Rio de Janeiro .

This race in special was very difficult for us, we didnt have much time to make the adjustments for that track so we had innumerable problems in the car that left me in on Saturday 07/04 for the Semi final.

The car was visible fast but it did not come time, the problem was in fuel consumption and tires. Saturday we return to the Hotel and work in the car all night verifying all the parts and radically modify the set-up for sunday, and it reacts really well and I manage to get second place on my semi, leaving me to go to final in 6 place.

For the final we have decided to change the engine for not taking any risks.

Starting in the Final in 6 place and in the first lap I manage to pass and assume the 3rd place putting pressure in the 2nd place Guilherme and in the 6 lap I was heading First and leaving me unchallenged to cruise for victory and Conquering my 5th Title of Brazilian Champion .

Till next race.

Flavio Elias

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