My location: United States
Jun 9, 2009

Well this past week was held in 301 raceway in Maryland the 2009 Capitol Classic in a week full of emotions, race emotions that is. the practice days went smoothly and i was able to set up my Serpent 966 car up so it was perfect for the qualifying rounds.

From the beginning of the qualifiers i was battling for the TQ with Joaquin De Soto every round until in the last round of qualifying with one turn to go i tangled with a lapped car losing the TQ pace that i was running on and finally qualifying in the second place.

Then we went back on the track on Sunday and i noticed that the car was better than ever the conditions seemed to be perfect for ma way of racing shortly after the start tone i took the lead from Joaquin and started to pull away, by the end of the first lap i was half of the straightaway in front of the second place but then i had a close encounter with the wall moving my rear body post out of place but i just got myself together and kept driving noticing that the car wasn't the same ( later it was discovered that the rear sway bar had broken due to the accident ) but after my pit man fixed my body on my first fuel stop i just kept driving it and managed to regain the lead wich took me to winning the 2009 Capitol Classic.

Maxy !