My location: United States
May 19, 2009

As you may know, the Florida Gas Onroad season is backwards from the rest of the world. We go from September thru April . A couple of weeks ago we had the final event of the season, called the “Sour Grapes”

This is basically a laid back event, were everybody get togheter to celebrate the results and crown the seasons champs.

After a full hot day of racing, were again the Serpent boys dominated the field, the trophy presentation was held at a nice local restaurant.

DJ Apolaro was crowned the 2009 Sedan Champion

A special award went to Pete Pepe, the most driver with the best progression and improvement of the season, also driving a Serpent

Paolo Morganti the 2009 1/8 Champion.

We will like to thanks the FORGASS official for their hard dedication and of course the track owners. We will be back the next season, with new challenges… and new products too!

Until next time,
Paolo Morganti