My location: United States
May 10, 2009

On the 7/5/09 the Moto GP world champion Valentino Rossi decided to have some more fun with rc-cars..the previous time (one week before) he drove Stefano Armagni's car and he told to be very amused with his driving.

But this time Fabio and Pasquale from Sprint-rc built up a completly new 966 for Valentino;
When we arrived at the Riccione track we immediatly tested the new car to check the shift-point and to adjust the setup..then Valentino arrived and tested his new car: he told to be very happy with the handling of this car and started to take confidence with her. The first comment was: "Wow, nice grip!".

He went on driving untill the end of the day he had some funny bagarre with Massimo Fantini (who drove for the occasion) and Denis, a mechanic of 125cc bike driver Bradley Smith..this was the end of a fantastic afternoon...

I want to thank the guys of Road Race Riccione and Stefano Armagni (As Hobby Racing) for calling me at the track, Denis for taking Valentino near to our hobby and obviously Valentino for his exciting presence among us.

Till next (I hope near) time,
Ciao ciao
Andrea Cristiani