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May 4, 2009

Merlin Depta (966/ Mega ZX21 DSIII EMO) has taken the Victory in the warm-up for the German championship. 8 Serpent 966 were qualified for the main final, three 966 were on the podium.

The new 966 and the Mega engines showed fantastic performance while the whole weekend. Jens Stark was TQ, and had with 13.083 seconds also the fastest lap while the weekend. Trough an exciting fight while the first 5 minutes between Jens Stark and Steven Kuipers, Andreas Giesa could take the lead for a short while, before he capitulated with clutch problems. Jens dominated the main race for 22 minutes. After the last fuel stop the engine went off and Merlin Depta took the lead and finally the victory.

Finally it was a very successful race for Serpent and Mega. We hope the story continues while the German championship in July.

In Hildes-heim was the warm-up race for the season and also a test for many drivers, as the German 1/8 Nats will take place at this same track later this year.


1. Merlin Depta Serpent 966 127 Rd.
2. Tobias Hepp Serpent 966 125 Rd.
3. Jens Stark Serpent 966 123 Rd.
4. Michael Pätz Serpent 966 122 Rd.
5. Thomas Plöger Serpent 966 121 Rd.
6. Jürgen Stark Serpent 966 91 Rd.
7. Stefan Hanauer Kysoho M3 58 Rd.
8. Steven Cupyers Mugen 55 Rd.
9. Andreas Giesa Serpent 966 51 Rd.
10.Jürgen Hennemuth Serpent 966 9 Rd.

by: Maik Reimann


Large share of the track is "voll-gass" in German, meaning full throttle, most of the time. Fuel consumption is therefore an issue, as its still 5 minute qualifying in Germany.

After qualifying places were as below:

1. Jens Stark Serpent 966/ MAX/Xceed 23 Rd. 05.11.255
2. Stefan Hanauer Kyosho/Orion/Matrix 23 Rd. 05.12.216
3. Steven Cupyers Mugen/Sirio /Ennenti 22 Rd. 04.59.303
4. Jürgen Stark Serpent 966/Max/Xceed 22 Rd. 05.01.315
5. Tobias Hepp Serpent 966/Mega/Xceed 22 Rd. 05.01.365
6. Merlin Depta Serpent 966/Novar./Xceed 22 Rd. 05.01.493
7. Andreas Giesa Serpent 966/Mega/Xceed 22 Rd. 05.01.609
8. J. Hennemuth Serpent 966/Mega/Xceed 22 Rd. 05.02.699

Thanks to the club for staging a great event.

Good luck with the German Nats later this year.

More pictures of the race.

More pictures of the race.

More pictures of the race.