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Apr 14, 2009

Colinet Top-qualified with Serpent 966 at the 2nd french national race of the season in Conarneau.

Colinet also won the semi-A. In semi-B it was Serpent driver Mathieu to take victory and take his place to the main final.

In the final he was able to lead the race and go for victory. A total of 4 Serpent\'s in the final was a very good result.

Finale \'National\' - 2ème manche du CF 1/8ème Piste - (30min)
Place Pilote Voiture Moteur Tours
1 Colinet Gérald Serpent RB 102
2 Berthelot Jèrome Mugen Novarossi - JP Fuel 102
3 Gaschet Antoine Velox Eagle 21 R9-S - JP Fuel 101
4 Moquet Richard Serpent Nova-JP Racing 99
5 Rozand Vivien Velox Orion 99
6 Esteve Grégory Serpent RB 98
7 Cassagne Jérémy Mugen Eagle 21 R9-S - JP Fuel 98
8 Massot Vincent Mugen Orion 97
9 Baranger Xavier Mugen Novarossi 95
10 Mathieu Arnaud Serpent Novarossi 69

Riccobono was able to qualify in 3rd postion with Serpent 966 and was also fast in the final, but the engines was set too rich with big tyres and lateron a cable connectort failed, shame. Could have been a very good result.

Abbisset with Serpent 966 came to the final through the semi, and managed a very fast final race and landed on the 3rd step of the podium, well done !!

Finale \'Elite\' - 2ème manche du CF 1/8ème Piste - (45min)
1 Bertin Adrien Kyosho Orion 156
2 Bouche Stéphane Velox Eagle 21 R9-S - JP Fuel 155
3 Abisset Antony Serpent RB 152
4 Pageneau Laurent Velox Eagle21R9-S - JP Fuel 151
5 Picard Romain Velox Eagle21R9-S - JP Fuel 147
6 Thioux Nicolas Kyosho Novarossi 147
7 Louis Bernard Mugen GRP 144
8 Riccobono Stéphane Serpent RB 102
9 Louis Christophe Mugen GRP 73
10 Tolomelli Sylvain Mugen Novarossi 13
(thx to JP)

“Last week-end was the 2nd round of the french championship, held in Concarneau, in the west of France, aside the Atlantic Ocean.
We had a very nice weather the whole week-end, which isn’t usually the case in this place at that time and most of the year, so we were very lucky !

The Serpent 966 was working very well, with the same set-up as in Aulnay, although we tried a few different things…

I was fast and took the third place in the first heat, behind Adrien Bertin and Stéphane Bouche.

During the 2nd and 3rd heat, I improved by 2 seconds at each heat, and kept my 3rd place and stayed in the top four. It was “hot” because Christophe Louis and Romain Picard, the two very fast drivers, and friends of mine, who were fighting with me in the main final in Aulnay, were just behind me, very fast too…

On Sunday, I started in the race with an engine a little rich, too much in fact, and It was very hard for me to keep the followers behind me… I was waiting for my tires to wear, in order for my engine to lean out . After 12 minutes, it was better, but I was 1 lap late !... At the tires change, I asked my mechanics to lean the engine, otherwise I would have the same problem with new big tires… But a few minutes after that, I had radio problems : in fact the battery plug was broken, and it disconnected during a few tenth of a second… Bec plugs doesn’t go very well in Futaba plug, amost after 2 races… So it broke it, after a while. Shame.

The battle between Adrien and Stéphane Bouche was fierce , but Adrien won, thanks to his mechanics who were very fast, giving him some space.

Anthony Abisset, my team-mate (Serpent 966 / RB), who had consumption problems during the heats, and had to race in the semi-final, finished 3rd.

Next round for us will be held in early May, in the south of Paris, in Evry / Ris Orangis.”

Till then !


Some more images of the FC-2

Some more images of the FC-2

Some more images of the FC-2

Some more images of the FC-2

Some more images of the FC-2