My location: United States
Mar 30, 2009

This year was the 2009 Texas Biggie in Rendon Texas, this was the 32nd running of the event. This year we had a little bit of everything goin it seemed, new classes,new faces, crazy weather, and entertaining races.

On the first day we planned three qualifiers, but we had a lite rain in the morning so they gave us more practice and cut the qualifiers to one, In qualifying Scotty Barrera was the man to catch all weekend he set Tq for the weekend, I managed to end up the 2nd qualifier not far behind Scotty. So we had the line up set i was happy to be able to start up near the front.

In the main my strategy was simple try to stay out of trouble and be their at the end, at the begining i had a little less punch then i wanted, but i knew it would come in later! This race had a little of everything in it, it seemed as soon as you thought it was going one way it completely fliped to another! It was a very exciting race to be apart of, This was the Third year ive been the winner of this race, and for Serpent! The new S-966 is a realy nice car, the pictures dont do it justice! And it runs as good as it looks! The best Serpent!

I would like to thank Serpent America, Byrons Originals, Airtronics,TeamXspower.

Thank you Doug and Paolo for all your help!

And a special thanks to Bob Ingersol for all your help, and Mike Quellar for the fast pit stops!

Tell next time Jeremy Cupps