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Mar 29, 2009

The final of the 1st 2009 race in west-germany was a dangerous one, with a drying track, but a few very slippery spots that prooved to dangerous for many ...

Frank Schewiola kept a steady pace and made no errors and brought home a superb victory at the track in Dormagen with Serpent 966 and Mega ZX.

Scheffler was 2nd and Serpent 966 driver Alain Levy completed the podium.

Qualifying was very much a Serpent 966 affair.
Tobias Hepp (966/mega ZX) was TQ, with Levy (966)in 2nd, Salven in 3rd (966/mega zx) and Meister in 4th (966/mega zx).

Practise on saturday was all wet, so hardly anybody made the effort, as sunday would be dry, at least later in the day.

Thanks to the club in Dormagen for staging the race.

Lets hope for better weather and more drivers next race !

Set-ups will follow lateron in the set-up section of the 966.

Team Serpent

The lay out of the track in Dormagen.