My location: United States
Mar 15, 2009

Florida is a State that is blessed with awesome weather. Actually our Florida R/C season is backwards compared to the rest of the world. We race from September thru April.

I have being racing all the series in 1/8 scale with my S-960 with great results, dominating all the races. This past weekend we had the 6th round of the series at the Kraceway in Kissimmee. As always, Kevin and his crew make all the efforts in order to have all in perfect conditions. I was willing to have extra time on the S966, since this was my second time with the car. I want to learn more since I feel I can improve the setup. So I went up on Friday to have as much track time as possible. I was able to play with different adjustments and by the evening my car was pretty good. Saturday we had 3 rounds of qualys and at the end of the day I was sitting in first spot with the only 20 lapper. DJ was a 20 lapper also but he had really bad luck in traffic, and he crash in the last lap, so he end up with the fastest 19 lap. Sunday there was one more round and this definitely was faster but strange enough only DJ and myself were actually faster than the previous day. Dj had some problems and was not able to improve. I actually was 3 seconds faster than my time when my battery stop working and I had to stop (lucky me, I did not destroy the car)

The final was really exciting. We had a good start and I checked out, but after the first stop I relaxed too much and DJ now was closing fast. I made a mistake on the left chicane and I lost 5 seconds. My car was perfect so I start pushing closing the gap. Then DJ had an accident, actually I am not sure what happen, but I pass him and from there I never looked back and end up with another victory with Dj in second. One of our new team drivers, Sean Lue, was actually doing an excellent race, with a steady 3rd place. That was going to be perfect result, 3 cars in the final, and top three but…. Unfortunately his pit crew made a mistake and ran him out of fuel. At the end he finished in 4th.
Another weekend of racing in the books and another great performance for the S966. For me, this result guarantees me the Championship and actually is very convenient since my daughter is going to born in the next few weeks and I will be not able to attend the last race in Homestead

I will like to thanks Serpent, Xceed, Max Power, Maxys Fuel, Ko Propo, and Paintinpete for the great products.

Enjoy your racing and until next time