My location: United States
Mar 15, 2009

Hello Race Fans. I have not being writing my racing experiences for quite some time already. I have being busy with work, new projects and family. But now I have a little bit more time, so I will try to stay in touch more often.

My 2009 race season has started with the right foot for me and for Serpent. First big race was the Winternats. You guys have read all about it already. I will say that was a good experience. The track conditions and the weather were incredible. In sedan, I have to say that DJ and myself dominate the event from the get go. Nobody was able to touch us. I end up with the TQ the event for the 4th year in a row. So we both knew that the final was either him or me, but we play it smart since at the end, was really important to bring home the victory for Serpent. We had a great final and a lot of fun, and at the end DJ won the event. I was really happy for my friend and team mate DJ Apolaro. This was a well deserved victory for him. Congrats!

1/8 scale this year had a special flavor. It was the first big event of Michael’s new baby: The S-966. We were able to get a few kits for our team guys and loyal customers just in time for the event. This type of situation normally is really dangerous since it’s kind of crazy to go to an event without testing a new car. It turned out to be a good decision. The car was really good from the beginning for everybody. In the Master class, Maxy dominated the event. His car was on rails from the first day and he brought home the first big victory for the S-966. In the open class, Dj Michael and I were in contention for the victory. I was really happy with my car the whole week but I was missing acceleration and this was making me loose almost 2 tents, since basically Ft. Myers, is about acceleration. I found out later at home that the problem was the pipe. Actually my fault, I should have known better and change it. Anyway, Nigel Sim, “aka The Niggel” and Flavio Elias did a super job in the B main, so we end up with 5 cars in the final. Not bad for a brand new car. We were already really happy with this result, but more was to come. The final was about strategy and survival and off course a little bit of luck. Well this time, we manage to have all the ingredients and we end up with a great result. I won the race, Flavio finish in second, The NIggel in fourth and Michael fifth. Great result for Serpent and of course for me personally.

I will like to thanks all my sponsors, team mates and friends for the support. Special thanks to Ft. Myers RC Club for the hard work during the summer and for a well run event. Last but not least, thanks to my father, for coming down and work with me the whole week. This victory is also his. I really appreciate all the knowledge, guidance and experiences he has shared with me since we start in this sport 28 years ago.

I will like to thanks Serpent, Xceed, Max Power, Maxys Fuel, Ko Propo, and Paintinpete for the great products.

Enjoy your racing and until next time