My location: United States
Mar 11, 2009

“I discovered and started driving 1/12th scale cars during last autumn. I trained a few times and then, raced in 3 races of the French championship (out of 5 rounds).

The first one and the second one were interesting, because I was fast, although I was a rookie in this completely new category (for me). I qualified in the B-main final each time, close to the A. My problem was that the car had too much steering, and was turning “square” when the grip of the track was increasing during the week-end.

During the third race, it was quite better because I could solve this problem and drive very fast. It’s also true that I was getting used to this kind of car, and kind of track, on which you CAN’T touch any border without taking off and flying !!! So, I qualified 5th, in the A-main final.

The 3 runs of this race : in the first one, everything was nearly perfect, and I drove 8 minutes without any mistake, and finished 4th, as I can remember. It was WON-DER-FUL ! That was the best 8 minutes of the whole winter, for me ! I enjoyed a lot. But when this run ended, I was exhausted because the lap times were under 10 seconds and you couldn’t rest on the straight, I had a lot of steering on this very narrow track, my eyes were red and completely dry… But that was fantastic !
The second one started the same way, but I made a small mistake in the straight, touched a border, and broke the car.
The third one : same start, but after 2 minutes, the car was spinning, and I thought the rear axle was broken, after the many crashes of this week-end and of the previous ones. After the race, I discovered that in fact, it was only the screws retaining one rear tire which were not well tightened, and which unscrewed…

I ended 7th of this race, and 14th of the 2008-2009 French championship, with only 3 races out of 5 possible (3 retained).

I think I will go on this new category next winter, because it’s exciting, and it’s a good training between two 1/8th seasons.

The S120 is a very good car, well balanced, and well made !
The beginning was difficult because I didn’t know anything about electric cars and adhesive tires treatment.
But after a few training, I began to understand more and more things, and now, I enjoy a lot. And it’s really nice to drive on indoor tracks, wearing a T-shirt, while it’s very cold and raining outside !

I think more nitro drivers should try this exciting category during winter.”

Riccobono, Team France