My location: United States
Mar 8, 2009

Green with S120 won the 6th and last stage of the Carpet Wars 1/12th class and this way won the Carpet Wars UK Series in 12th.

In the last final race Green TQ-ed and won the race. With a fastest lap of 12.39 and an average in the final of 12.94 a nice and steady race.

Thanks very much to the organizers:

Full class result below and all details on above web.

The 1/12th series was good practise for the nice and long 1/8th IC racing season comming up with Serpent 966 !

Maritime Racing
Carpet Wars R6
08 March 2009

Race Result
Final: 7 A Final 1/12


1st 1 133 Mark Green (S120) 37 480.08 12.39 12.94
2nd 2 2 Jason Butterfield 37 482.63 +2.55 12.48 12.99
3rd 4 179 Gary Dyson 35 485.33 +2 Laps 12.96 13.81
4th 5 103 Chris Odonoghue 34 494.16 +3 Laps 13.37 14.45
5th 7 5 Terry Holmes 30 491.61 +7 Laps 14.12 16.35
6th 6 182 Duncan Letham 29 467.81 +8 Laps 13.85 16.02
7th 10 9 Kane Wood 29 491.08 +8 Laps 14.91 16.80
8th 3 118 Luke Burley 20 281.74 +17 Laps 13.01 13.97
9th 8 4 Philip Gidley 16 273.02 +21 Laps 14.55 17.01
10th 9 129 Frank Chung 4 71.71 +33 Laps 16.17 17.15

Carpet Wars R6,
We arrived at the track early to get set up and charged for one round off practise,The track as always at the Maritime club was in 1st class shape,every meeting they change the shape off the track,the layout was more to my liking.
After the practise my car was great to drive but had a little to much understeer which i was hoping would go away as the track grip came up,After Round 1 I had a lot off work to do as i made a big mistake and the car hit the wall flat out and that was the end off that run.
We got the car back together in time for round 2 but the car had more understeer now but was still easy to drive,I made some small adjustments to the car for the final 2 runs and was able to TQ.
For the final i got some advice from 12th racer Jason Butterfield on set up and changed the car.The car was a little better with only a very slight understeer,The race was between me and Jason with both off us having ok run to the finish where i crossed the line 1st and Jason 2nd,which was enough to give me the Carpet Wars Series Win.

I would like to thank my sponsors Serpent/Xceed/RW Racing/Serpent UK and to the other 12th drivers that helped me with set up and gearing And to the maritime club for a great and well run meetings.
I will now be back to 8th and 10th IC testing and racing with the new serpent 966 and 720 09.