My location: United States
Feb 26, 2009

Hi Guys !!!!

My name is Flavio Elias I am the official racer for Team Serpent Brazil and The \"MLC\" Motor sport by Lamberto /Mauro Collari for the 2009 Season.

I have received my 966 upgrade kit and I had only 2 days to test the car with my Dad before I leave to Winternats in USA .

We tested the car and before we leave to USA we knew the car was fast and we made a few adjustments in the rear suspension of the car making it really constant and trustworthy so we left to USA very optimistically, even so we were a bit worry to hit something as the car we were running was the Winternats pre-delivery and did not have many spare parts yet.

My Dad and I arrived in the track in the morning for the first time and the first practices the car showed being really fast. I had never been to that track before so it was very new for me.

This track is very peculiar you need to have 100% concentration because if you have any mistakes you hit the wall for sure, any racers who race
there knows what I mean.

We modify some positions of the rear shock absorbers and the car respond really well with the modifications specially this new Michael Salven Design for the rear, making the rear suspension more stiff working independently from the rear blocks.

The 966 has a great design, as my Dad/mechanic found it very easy for changing the rear belts, pulleys and the whole set of gear axle and the rear transmission session of the car is very free to work on it.

At the qualifying we tried different adjustments my best laps was 11.6..5..7 we start to get confident in normal conditions , no accidents
and fuel consumption ok, we start to believe we were going to be 1 of the 8 fastest .

In my best time taking my Dad realized he had refuel my car in the line of the pit so I was disqualified for that time taking, so we had to make a semi final, but everything went fine and finally I was in the A-Main Final.

In the final I decide to make a conservative race I knew the beginning would be difficult because I have my tires really big, but my strategy
was not to make a pit stop for tires changing so I was really slow at the beginning and to \"help\" at the 5 minutes warm up I crash my car breaking the rear part of the body so the rear of the car wasn’t 100% I have lost a few precious seconds.

When my tires got smaller I start to make better laps 11.6 …7, in spite my broken rear body.

We have prepared a car for the final simple, constant and fast, sufficient good to give me the 2nd place at the Winternats.

The 966 has proven to me to be a really reliable car I put the car were I want to especially in the 45 minutes final.

From now on we have time to make more adjustments, time for training because the results will come for sure.

I hope to see you for the 1/8 Pre and World Championship in Lostallo.

I would like to say thanks for Serpent to believe in me sending the pre-release of the 966 to race in the Winternats and I hope I satisfy to
all the expectations in me .

Thanks to Michael Salven for the force and affection to be so helpful when I requested Help and Congratulations for your new Project Serpent 966.

Flávio Elias