My location: United States
Jan 21, 2009

Hello Paul,

Now that you race with Serpent S120 ( 1/12 scale pancar) in modified-class, lets introduce you to the Serpent fans.

Q: how are you doing ?
A: I am great, thanks!! Right now I am getting all my stuff ready for the Snowbirds. I am going down a few days early with my wife so we can have some fun in the warm weather!!

Q: You are a very well known person in the rc world, howcome ?
A: Well I work for Parma International and I get to go to a lot of races and Trade shows. I have been working there for 13 years so I kind of get around LOL!!

Q: You run 1/12 only or also other classes
A: I also race 1/10 foam TC, and 1/8 On-Road

Q: Which class you like best and why ?
A: I like 1/12 and 1/8 the best, I like the speed of the 1/8 and I like the technical aspect of driving 1/12. I also seem to do the best in those classes so that helps!!

Q: What made you try the Serpent S120 and what do you like about it most
A: When I first saw the car I was like man this thing is what a 1/12 should look like now a days. We have TC’s that have machined bulkheads and parts why not 1/12. I really like the craftsmanship of the car, it also drives super easy compared to other cars I have driven and has great corner speed. I also like the front end adjustments. They can be done really quick and easy.

Q: We know you work at Parma Int / USA, this brand exists as long as or even longer in the rc world than Serpent, so at least 30 years or more; what is your job there ?
A: I work in the R&D department. I develop new products, take care of the team and do some customer service.

Q: What equipment ( electronics, tyres, body) do you use in your Serpent S120
A: I use Parma tires and bodies, LRP motors and Speed controls, and Futaba radio gear.

Q: Do you expect Lipo to be used in 1/12 anywhere soon ?
A: Yes I see that coming. I think it will help the class, the cars handle a lot better and tire wear and parts breakage will be a lot less since the car will be so much lighter.

Q: What will be the next big change in rc racing ?
A: I think you’ll see more and more cars become ready to race. People just don’t have the time to spend building kits anymore. For me I like building my car but the average racer either does not have time or most of the time does not do it well.

Q: What are you racing plans for 2009 ? and which one is next ?
A: The next big race is the Snowbirds next week, then Carpet nationals in March, after that it will be back to 1/8 On-road for the summer.

Q: Some nice quote to the Serpent fans out there ?
A: Practice makes perfect. One pro driver told me a long time ago that he was doing it for 15 years and was at the track 3-4 times a week. If I want to be good at this I need to be there more and put more effort in to make up for that time I lost while I was not into the hobby. That’s why when you see me at a race I am always on the track practicing making up for lost time. LOL!!

Thanks for the interview and good luck at the Snowbirds.