My location: United States
Aug 19, 2008

On the weekend of 16/17 August the Luxembourg National Championship was held at the spectacular up & down Mini Circuit, Luxembourg. With registration open to other countries the competition level was very good for this year\'s race.

On Saturday morning it was open practice followed in the afternoon by controlled practice sessions of 10 minutes due to the number of drivers and classes present.

On Sunday qualification started and young SDD driver Tobias Hepp took the fastest time of 18 laps in 5:09. The German\'s Serpent 960 and Mega engine working really well.

[b]Qualification (Top 4)[/b]

1. Tobias Hepp (Serpent 960\'08/Mega/Xceed) - 18L 5.09.531
2. Dirk Rischard (Serpent 960\'08/RB) - 18L 5.16.714
3. Alain Levy (Serpent 960\'08/NR/Xceed) - 17L 5.01.031
4. Jerome Hirtziger - 17L 5.05.793

The 30 minute saw Hepp cruise from his TQ starting position to an easy 1 lap winning margin over fellow Serpent 960 driver Dirk Rischard who started second. Local driver Gilles Urbing completed the podium. Unfortunately for Alain Levy, who qualified his 960 third, his race was to end half way through the final.

[b]Final Result (Top 6)[/b]

1. Hepp Tobias
2. Rischard Dirk
3. Urbing Gilles
4. Hirtziger Jerome
5. Beltrallo Patrick
6. Schulke Fabrice

After his race win Hepp thanked his sponsors Serpent Motorsport, Mega, Xceed and Merlin Fuel for their continued support this season.