My location: United States
Jul 24, 2008

This year was the 31st running of the Texas Biggie, one of the longest running races in the US, where Serpent driver Jeremy Cupps came away with the race victory driving his 960 \'08. Jeremy sent us this short report on the event -

We had a very relaxing and laid back weekend, as always its nice to get to hang out with fellow racers, and help the new guys with their cars.

The biggie format is one of my favourites as we run 6 rounds of qualifing, 3 on Friday, 3 on Saturday, and the mains on Sunday so you had plenty of time to get everything ready to go.

After the first day I was in the second qualifying position, by just a few seconds so it was very close, but I was still trying a few things, and so were my competitors. The first run on the second day of qualifing is usually the one that counts, its when the track is cooliest and thus fastest. My main competitor and I were on new TQ runs, we were seperated by less than a second when the buzzer sounded, and I held on for the top starting spot. I was completely happy with how the 960 08 drove, it was smooth and predictable, I could put the car were ever I wanted it to go, very easy to drive and I could not ask for anymore as the car was amazing.

At the start of the main I knew I wanted to get out into a lead as soon as possible, to stay away from the traffic. Myself and Terry Brown broke away and started to pull away from the pack. By around the 10 minute mark we had the field a lap down but Brown stayed about two to six seconds behind me the whole race, it was one of the funniest races I\'ve had in a long time as it went all the way down to the end, 45 minutes of good clean racing. In the end I took the win.

The rcrcnt crew did a awesome job with the track, they came up with a new way of spraying the surface that made for very consitent traction for everyone. I think everyone had a blast at this year\'s biggie and I can\'t wait for the next one.

Thanks to Serpent USA for all their support, and a special thanks to Paolo for helping me keep things goin.

Until next time,

Jeremy Cupps