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Jun 23, 2008

The third round of the Swedish Cup took place at the fast Skanska Ring in Örebro last weekend where the Hobby Produkter backed Team Serpent Sweden squad claimed a double podium result with Andersson Bengt taking his 960 to 2nd in the 1:8 final and Per-Ola Hård claiming the same position in 1:10 with his 720.

Saturday saw four qualifying rounds completed in dry conditions with the big challenge for 1:8 drivers being to make 5 minutes without having to stop for fuel.

Niklas Johansson took the TQ position in 1:8 just 6/10th of a second in front of Serpent drivers Bengt Andersson and Christoffer Hallborg while in 1:10 Per-Ola Hård was the top Serpent qualifying his 720 \'08 in third position. In total four 960s lined up on the grid for the 1:8 A Final with three 720s starting the 1:10 A Final.

Sunday\'s saw similar conditions to Saturday and first up was the 1:8 Final. This would prove a very exciting race with all the drivers opting for different strategies as they all looked to overcome the heavy fuel consumption and calculated the best time to change tyres. At the mid way point of the race there was a close battle between Niklas Johansson and Bengt Andersson but the latter\'s challenge for victory came to an end when he hit some problems and the Serpent driver had to settle for second.

In the 1:10NT Final Per-Ola Hård drove a good race making up one position and tp finish runner up to give Team Serpent a good overall performance in the latest Swedish Cup as they ended the day with a car on the podium in each class.