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Jun 4, 2008

The third round of Belgian 1:10 200mm Nationals was held on the very tight and technical track of Houthalen last weekend where Serpent driver Manuel Henriet made a great recovery drive to take his 720 to victory.

Working hard all day Saturday to find a suitable set-up for the track ahead of Sunday\'s championship action, Henriet left the track that evening in confident mood.

Unfortunately qualifying went really bad for him and after the Semi-Finals he found himself in a rather lowly 9th position on the grid. Starting from so far back he set himself the target of a podium finish. 20 minutes in to the Main Final he was up to 3rd despite having been careful to save his tyres. As the race enter the final stages this would benefit the Serpent driver as the leader started to suffer with his tyres allowing Henriet to pass him and move up to second.

Running behind the new leader and with 5 minutes left in the race Henriet made a late push and closed down the gap. Applying pressure he found his way passed and into the lead where he would stay til the chequered flag to take his first victory of the season.

Securing the win, adding to his third place finish in Round 1 and second in Round 2, Henriet who is supported by Serpent, Orion, Labema, Mikovic Body Painting and his father, now moves to the top of the championship points table.

[b]Belgian 1:10 200mm National Championship
Round 3, Houthalen
Result A Final[/b]

1. Henriet Manuel - Serpent 720
2. Maarten Kempeneers
3. Roufosse Stephane
4. Sanza Jonathan
5. Renaux Jerome
6. Tomagra Michel
7. Vorsters Guy - Serpent 720
8. Aerts Bert - Serpent 720
9. Yerna Hugues
10.Lambrechts Steve