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May 20, 2008

Richard Hicklin kept Team Serpent UK\'s impressive run of national championship race victories going over the weekend when he TQ\'d and won Round 3 of the BRCA run series at Cotswold.

Running his 960 \'08 powered by a Mega MF engine, former British Champion Hicklin claimed the TQ as when he was the only driver to record a 20 lap run in the qualifying heat giving Serpent their 3rd straight pole of the season.

Starting from No.1 position on the grid Hicklin continued to set the pace recording the fastest lap of the race enroute to his first win of the season. Joining him on the podium was team-mate and Round 1 winner Neil Diver.

The win moves Hicklin to the top of the points table and Team Serpent, the defending champions, will be looking to continue their winning run at Round 4 which takes place at Mendip on June 15th.

[b]BRCA British National Championships
Round 3, Cotswold[/b]

1.(1)Richard Hicklin (Serpent 960/Mega) - 108 laps in 1804.43
2.(7)Christopher Heath - 108 laps in 1812.70
3.(4)Neil Diver (Serpent 960) - 107 laps in 1810.57
4.(6)Jason Frost - 106 laps in 1803.18
5.(9)Andrew Hastings - 100 laps in 1808.95
6.(5)Pete Hastings (Serpent 960) - 81 laps in 1806.70
7.(2)Andrew North - 64 laps in 1070.75
8.(8)John Carr (Serpent 960/Mega) - 59 laps in 1073.20
9.(10)Rob Colman - 44 laps in 798.04
10.(3)Tim Wood (Serpent 960/Mega) - 34 laps in 1233.75