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May 13, 2008

Last weekend Michael Salven overcame a strong challenge from Serpent team-mate Steven Cuypers to score his second win in a row in the German Regional “West” Series.

Belgium Steven Cuypers took pole position in his first outing at the Oberhausen track, taking advantage of the cooler conditions in his first run. Michael had some trouble in that first run but came very close to Steven’s time in his very last qualifier. The top 4 were completed by Christian Wurst and Karl-Heinz Meister, Karl-Heinz also using a Mega ZX powered Serpent 960 \'08.

After the start Steven and Michael battled for the lead, both on different strategies for the 40-minute final. Steven decided to go for a tire change, which gave him a speed advantage in the very beginning and at the end of the final. But that was not enough to overcome the time lost during the tire stop.

Karl-Heinz Meister was an early third after he past Wurst, but it wasn’t for long. He suffered two broken manifold springs. After that young Tobias Hepp, a Serpent SDD driver, took over third place but lost that to Alain Levy, when his battery connector came off.

In the end Serpents occupied the 6 places at Oberhausen was a great result for Team Serpent on this sunny warm race day.

[b]German Regional “West” Series
Round 2, Oberhausen[/b]

1.(2) Salven, Michael - Serpent 960 \'08 - 192 laps in 39:57.648
2.(1) Cuypers, Steven - 960 \'08 - 189 laps in 40:01.056
3.(8) Levy, Alain - 960 \'08 - 184 laps in 40:02.865
4.(9) Vahrenkamp, Ralf - 960 \'08 - 175 laps in 40:13.072
5.(5) Hepp, Tobias - 960 \'08 - 172 laps in 40:07.774
6.(4) Meister, Karl-Heinz - 960 \'08 - 167 laps 40:12.599
7.(6) Baldes, Jörg - 160 laps in 40:09.714
8.(10) Beckhaus, Marc - 158 laps in 38:28.577
9.(7) Odenthal, Ingo - 115 laps in 40:12.065
10.(3)Wurst, Christian - 82 laps in 40:00.709