My location: United States
Apr 23, 2008

Molzer Mowery Racing hosted their annual MMR Electric Challenge recently in Minnesota with racing for both 1:10 190mm and 1:12 EP cars. Both the organiser and a competitor in the event, Andrew Mowery send us the following account of his racing exploits over the two day indoor event -

Well with a big weekend of racing and promotion I went into the the program open minded, My S400 was prepped from World of Wheels and had great balance out of the box. Turning close to the fastest laps on the track. This was great news because I was going to be busy with team support and keeping the program running and the racers happy.

The track was high on the difficulty level with many items you may not normally see on a indoor race. The surface was RCP, the size was a complete basketball court. the barriers were soft ranging from plastic square 3x3 channel, to ramped road rails, and some areas just had a drop off edge were you could exit the racing surface. Many corners used a smooth plastic which is named \"ICE\" so the penalty for being over aggressive into the corner was to slide off line and give up a few tenths without breaking the car or flying off a wall. These all added up to some great racing.

At the end of three qualifiers I had a great S400, the car was on rails and just hooked through all the corners. The perfect balance of turn in and push to be able to drive the car hard constantly. All these items added up to a TQ spot for the myself and the S400.

I was very happy, running Parma magentas all the way around, and the same setup from World Of Wheels race just minor tweaks and the car was on. The greatest part was the diffs, having the gear diffs in the car made it maintainance free. The diffs in my car have been running since Vegas, have even being loaned out for the US Nats and been run by Tony, and I have yet to take the diffs apart, they are just silky smooth and extremely great to drive with.

Well we are at main day, the track has gotten really fast, mid 10 second laps are showing in SS Sedan and SS 12th scale. I was going to have a hard fight to win as Brian was showing some mid to low 10\'s in morning practice, the main was going to be a game of patients and hard racing, with smart passes, the ICE would punish you for being over aggressive on the pass and you could give up more then you were trying to gain.

At the horn I was off, Brian was hard on my tail while I was working to keep the car in line as the first few laps the tires are always a little more aggressive. At lap 3 or 4 Brian was looking to try and make a move to pass so I knew it was time to pull the hammer and start pushing. I was able to put some nice space on Brian and his Xray, putting down some nice 10 second laps. With the leader pulling Brian began to push harder and making a few mistakes giving even a bit more space. I was able to back off a touch and drive my S400 to a very convincing victory.

Adding to the wall of MMR Challenge winners which is a very prestige list.

Special thanks goes out to Serpent for creating a car that is so easy to get setup and the excellent performance and function of the car.

On a special note the MMR Electric Challenge saw an excellent performance from MMR Developing driver Conner who took second place in Stock Sedan.

Mitch won 12th stock and 12th Super Stock, I finished second in 12th SS.

Andrew Mowery