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Apr 22, 2008

Team Serpent Denmark have sent us the following report on their recent Danish EP Touring Car Indoor Championship victory with Nicolai Nielsen who steered the S400 to its first Danish title -

On the 30th March it was time for the final and deciding leg of Danish Indoor Championship 2007/2008. The only Serpent S400 was to be found in the Super Stock class, with Nicolai Nielsen behind the wheel.

Before the last race Nielsen was in second, three points behind leading driver Michael Johnsen.
The race took place in Århus, at a track that had been used prior this season in the DRCMU Championship where Nielsen also had good results finishing 2nd and 3rd at those events with his Serpetn S400. Therefore Nielsen quickly found the setup and speed to be at the front end of the pack from the start of practice.

Three rounds of qualifying and the same amount of finals awaited the 16 competitors in the Super Stock class. Qualifying is run as fastest on a five minute run to decide positions in the mains.
As the S400 of Nielsen was tuned in well for the track he was able to put in a good run in the first round only making a few minor mistakes, putting him 3rd on the grid for the A-main. just over two seconds behind TQ runner Carsten Madsen with his Xray, from the local club in Århus. None of the three front runners was able to better their times in the last two qualifiers. Nielsen tried his best, but opted to retire from both second and third round due to mistakes during the heats that cost too much time, in the effort to better his run from the first round and get a better starting point for the mains. Nielsen was however able to set fastest lap of the race with a lap time of 10.69.

Championship leading Johnsen did not have his best day of racing. He was down in 6th – but if this result was to stay he would still take the championship on equal points with Nielsen – but with more race wins.

For the mains the track had gotten a bit slower – for most drivers... Nielsen was with his Serpent S400 the driver who was able to maintain the lap times of the qualifiers, and repeated his lap time of 10.69 in the mains. This was however not enough for the race win.

This went to young Thomas Larsen from Århus who started from second spot in the A-main. He won – with a bit of luck – but also with some great racing from the youngster in all three legs of the A-main, to take his first win in the Super Stock division.

The win of Larsen was however not given from the start. Through the two first finals it was a three-way battle for the win between Madsen, Larsen and Nielsen. All three cars within striking distance of each other all through the heat, with a lot of passes and very good racing to be seen for the spectators – with Nielsen setting the fastest lap times, just not getting the last bit of luck and space on the small track to take the wins. In both legs the result was Larsen, Nielsen and Madsen.

Behind the leaders, Johnsen was struggling to keep pace. He was 6th and 7th in the two first finals, this giving the championship to Nielsen by a one point advantage at this point of the race.
In the last leg of the A-main Nielsen takes the early lead. But a back marker makes some trouble and Larsen overtakes for the lead. As Nielsen is about to try for a pass back for the lead a car comes flying into the front of Nielsens S400, damaging the car so badly that it has to be retired. At this point Madsen is taking the second spot and Johnsen is finding the right balance and is up as 3rd. This is also the result at the end of the heat.

The result of the race turned out like this;
Race Winner Thomas Larsen. 2nd place Nicolai Nielsen and 3rd Carsten Madsen. Despite his 3rd place finish in the last final Michael Johnsen only finishes 6th. The result of this last race of the season gives Nielsen just that one more point needed for the championship, and he is crowed Danish National Champion of the Super Stock 19T Class for the 07/08 season. Johnsen takes 2nd and Madsen 3rd overall.

Nielsen had this comment after the announcing of the overall result, \"I\'m just so surprised right now. I’m just so thrilled… I had really not expected this coming to this event. I was three points behind, and actually just set my goal for the overall runner up spot. But hey this is racing – anything can happen once the race starts. I just have to say thank you to all my sponsors who helped me to this win. Without all of them I would most likely not have been standing here with my second Danish Championship in a row. I won the 2007 outdoor Championship with a “full house” in points but indoor racing is something completely different then the tarmac and there help was invaluable. So thanks to Serpent and RC Model Center for the super Serpent S400 touring car, my all new sponsor AR Racing Electronics for some great batteries and the rest of the supporters, Nordea Bank Denmark, Xceed and Empty Pocket RC Team. Thank you all for your support. Hopefully the successes do not stop here..!\"