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Apr 2, 2008

Italy played host to the latest Serpent Nitro Tour event over the weekend at the World famous Fiorano circuit and where over 100 Serpent drivers took part in the Sprint RC organised friendship race. Also in attendance were some of Serpent star team drivers including World Vice-Champion Andrea Cristiani who sent us this report following the Fiorano event -

I arrived at the Fiorano track only on Sunday morning due to school! The weather was fine, the track had a good traction and there was a great atmosphere in the pits. It was a pleasure meeting all Serpent drivers and discussing with them set-up of the new 960 \'08. There were about 130 drivers and the competition level was high. Due to the high large entry it was a busy day with qualification and mains running from 9am to 6pm.

Despite being the fastest car, I could only manage 3rd place on the starting grid (with a gap of 1.2sec from pole) due to a rich carburettor setting that caused a slow last lap in my fastest run (about 5 second lost).

At the start of the main final the poleman\'s engine flamed out and after about 3 minutes I was closing in on the leader Alberto Tedeschi (960 \'08/Max Power). I tried to pass him at the entrance to the main straight and we touched. My car went vertical on one side and fortunately dropped on the right side. Then, having no one in front of me, I could set my pace.

After about 18 minutes in to the race the 2nd gear pinion decided to leave and I had to go on with only 1st gear! Not willing to loose the race, I gave my best on the slow part of the track closing throttle only for a short time on the straight. In this condition I could manage the same pace as the second place and I won with a 10 seconds advantage.

After the race someone told me that despite having only the first gear the top speed was 100 Km/h and my dad calculated that this meant my engine was reving to 52.000 rpm!!!

The day was finely concluded with the prize ceremony in a very nice and friendly atmosphere and talking with other Serpent guys afterwards the general comment was that the 960 \'08 is a very fast car.


Andrea Cristiani

Serpent - Max Power - Enneti

[b]Italian Serpent Nitro Tour,
Fiorano, Italy
1:8 A Final Result[/b]

1. (3) Cristiani Andrea - 113 laps in 30:07.427
2. (2) Tedeschi Alberto - 112 laps in 30:02.875
3.(10) Favaro Matteo - 110 laps in 30:12.485
4. (9) Pregnolato Stefano - 106 laps in 30:11.831
5. (6) Agostinelli Giordano - 105 laps in 30:00.017
6. (7) Sammarini Sandro - 88 laps in 30:10.187
7. (8) Pesenti Mattia - 71 laps in 19:33.902
8. (5) Comoglio Emanuele - 59 laps in 16:07.514
9. (1) Solaroli Stefano - 40 laps in 11:00.722
10.(4) Tacconi Roberto - 33 laps in 10:59.737