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Mar 31, 2008

Michael Salven was in action the German Regionals for the West over the weekend and the factory Serpent driver was unstoppable around the Dormagen track taking the TQ and race win along with setting a new track record with his Mega ZX powered 960 \'08.

Salven\'s win was backed up by a a great drive from engine tuning guru Karl Heinz Meister who claimed the runners up spot also using a Mega ZX to give the Serpent 960 \'08 a 1-2 finish.

For new SDD signing Tobias Hepp the event was to prove successful as the teenager qualified fifth overall before going on to make up one place in the place to finish a very creditable fourth in the A Final.

[b]A Final Result
Dormagen, Germany[/b]

1. Salven - Serpent 960 \'08/Mega ZX/Central Lola Light

2. Meister - Serpent 960 \'08/Mega ZX/Central Lola Light

3. Wurst - Shepherd Velox/JP Racing

4. Hepp - Serpent 960 \'08/Mega ZX/Central Lola Light