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Mar 12, 2008

Making their debut with the new S400 the Team Serpent Brazil EP squad had a great performance as drivers Felipe Franceschi and Thiago \'Poldo\' Podolsky set new records at the Sam’s Club track.

Racing in Santo Andre, a city within Greater Sao Paulo, the State\'s Capital, Felipe was off to the perfect start taking the TQ with his brand new Serpent.

Running a format that sees each driver gets just a single qualifying round followed by four heats, the best three of which determine the overall result.

Starting from pole the two first wins came easy for Felipe but Poldo, although very fast, faced mechanical problems with the breakage of his front belt followed by the rear preventing him from getting a good score.

In the third heat it would be Felipe’s turn suffer a broken belt. Investigations into the belt failures by the team put it down to the debris on a number of dirty spots on the track. With Felipe out, Poldo was the favorite but his back luck continued as a prototype aluminum central axle that is currently being developed by the team broke.

The fourth and final heat saw Felipe take his third win of the day and with overall victory in the opening round of the championship. Topping off the day for the team was the speed shown by the S400 as Felipe and Poldo both recorded the fastest two lap times of the day some 3/10th clear of their closest rival.

A great debut for the Team Serpent Brazil EP squad who are very hopeful of a great season ahead.

[b]Sao Paulo EP Championship
Round 1
Overall Result[/b]

1. Felipe Franceschi - Serpent S400
2. Lincoln Almeida - Corally RDX PHI
3. Marcos Mayer - Xray T2´007
4. Eduardo Dias - Team Magic E4
5. Criscareca Carpinelli - Associated TC5
6. Lucio Filho - Corally RDX PHI
7. Otavio Langowski - Corally RDX PHI
8. Thiago Podolsky - Serpent S400
9. Eduardo Vezzetti - Serpent S400
10.Paulo Guedes - Corally RDX PHI