My location: United States
Mar 11, 2008

Nicolai Nielsen completed a hat trick of podium placings in the DRCMU Winter Championship 07/08 which drew to a conclusion over the weekend in Århus, Denmark. Claiming third over in the third round saw the Team Serpent Denmark secure third a strong position in the final standings.

Competiting in the 19T Super Stock division, coming to the race on a tied second place, the final round would decide the outcome of the series with four drivers in the running with the title going the way of which ever driver could take victory on the day.

During practice it was clear that all four championship contenders were giving all they had for this race. All were fast and adding to the mix were a number fast local drivers making for some close racing.

The S400 of Nicolai was running with a standard set-up, the car running with a spool and gear diff in the rear. Nicolai was also trying to run the batteries closer to the center of the car to give the car a better turning ability on left hand turns and making direction changes faster.

For the first round of qualifying Nicolai had prepared a brand new set of tires – this turned out not to be the best move – for this heat. The the car was under steering for the best part of the first round, and to make it worse a mistake just past the first two minute mark put Nicolai fifth fastest for the round.

In the second round, problems with full power from his motor meant he could not challenge for the TQ spot. Running in the top 3 for the first two minutes Nicolai was looking to run a very good time but in the final stages of the run it seemed that the motor did not have the “energy” to keep up the pace. Nicolai therefore fell down to fourth in the round.

A change of the motor set-up was made for the final round of qualifying and the car was running better overall but still no quite as good as during the practice sessions.

The last round went well. The car performing good but still missing some speed but with others making mistakes Nicolai could take third in the round and that would put him fourth on the grid for the A-mains.

First A-main: Nicolai got a good start, being able to pass for second during the first lap after local racer Thomas Larsen hit Mike Hansen giving Carsten Madsen some space up front allowing him to take the first win. Brief radio interference cost Nicolai a position and he eventually crossed the line in third.

For the second main Nicolai finally hit the right set-up for the motor and the car ran very well and fast. During the first few lap Nicolai is able to pass for third and then second spot while up front Madsen had the lead.

A very close race between Nicolai, Hansen and Larsen with Nicolai and Mike changing position a number times. During the close action Nicolai goes a bit wide in a left corner giving Hansen the opportunity to pass on the inside. Unfortunate the two touch and the Serpent S400 has to go over the corner markers, giving Larsen the opportunity to pass also. Down to fourth Nicolai has to settle for the placing while up front Madsen took another A-main victory and thereby clinches the title. Second was also enough for Hansen to claim the runners up spot in the standing but third position was still wide open.

Nicolai again makes a great start, perhaps a bit to good, as he hits Larsen in the first turn and has to wait for him. A mistake from Nicolai coming out to the straight drops him back to last. From here it was a great show from Nicolai and his Serpent S400. The car really showing how fast it can go as Nicolai is able to overtake the field and close the gap to the leading pair of Madsen and Hansen. Nicolai runs an impressive heat to finish third to claim the final podium placing and third in the overall standings.

For Nicolai and his Serpent S400 it has been a fantastic run in the DRCMU series. Three races and three podium finishes states the quality and durability of his new car. Overall Nicolai was able to secured one TQ, three 2nd place finishes and two 3rd place finishes during the DRCMU Winter Championship series ending up with third overall in the final classification.

After the race a happy Nicolai Nielsen said;
“I’m really happy about this result. However I can’t help being a bit sad as I had really hoped we could take the title but I can’t complain, it has been at great winter series for me. Five races and I have been on the podium in all of them, and also being able to TQ one event was great! And to bring in a new car in the middle of the championship, and put it on the podium from the first race feels great! I really look forward to continuing the great performance with my S400 and to securing more podiums and victories. I have a really good package in place and I have to say thank you to Serpent MRC and Ole Harder from RC Model Center in Denmark, for giving me the possibility to run this great car and for the support they have given me. Also a big thanks to Markus and Boomerang Batteries for some great power.”

The next challenge for Nicolai and his S400 is the upcoming second round of the European Touring Series in Vejle, Denmark, where he will attend the handout Super Stock division. After that it’s time for the final race of the Danish Championships, where Nicolai also has good possibilities to finish on the podium. This race will also take place in Århus, Denmark, at the same track as the DRCMU final.