My location: United States
Feb 14, 2008

Serpent\'s Billy Easton travelled to the world famous Snowbirds race recently in Florida where he led Serpent\'s EP team of drivers at the annual event. Responsible for the development of Serpent\'s new range of electric competition cars Billy sent this report from the big race -

Hello to fellow teammates and Serpent loyals. Myself and the team arrived into sunny Orlando, Florida on the Sunday just before all the extreme racing action was to take place. Once the plane touched down we were blessed with sunny weather and warm climates. I could not say, lets get pool side fast enough. In any event we called a cab loaded our goods and headed to the new Radisson hotel. This was the first year it was to be held here and what an improvement it was. The ceilings were higher, room was larger and finally the lighting was a lot better. To be totally honest, it has the same feel as the Las Vegas IIC. It was almost like you had de ja vu, the only difference was now you were in Florida.

As the days progressed and racing was drawing closer you were beginning to see more familiar racing faces with the likes of Andy Moore, Teemu Leino, Jilles Groskamp, Paul Lemeiux, Barry Baker, Juho Levanen, and so many more to name. It was going to be a great event, and making the main was not going to be an easy task.

Our team of Markus Mobers, Bart Wubben, and myself had our work cut out for us. We have not had much success leading into this foam event, but through determination we were destined to make our mark. Bart and Markus showed up with similar setup utilizing our new gear diffs and the lower holes on the tower.

We had been having a front dive problem through testing and in practice, however, we came up with a solution to move the front shocks out even further on the front a arm and run a softer springs. In turn, it worked better than expected, the dive was controlled and the lap time was even faster. It was the single best improvement that we made to our set ups.

We tested so many other things as well, as reverse caster with the blocks on backwards, pro squat, anti dive, hell you name it , it was tried at some point. In the end, there were things that we could gain or loose steering, but moving the shocks out on the arm was the single best change. I am not sure it would work in rubber tires, but it definitely helped us in foam tires.

Bart was running really well in the Rubber tire class, he looked like a bull rider out there wrangling up the competition. There was not doubt he had his hands full, but his driving ability proudly took him to the winners circle. On the 1.12 end Markus had Tq\'ed some rounds and was looking really strong.

During the mains though he had some technical issues and was not able to capitalize on his front of the field starting positions. As for myself i was sitting 5th on the grid in modified and 8th on the Grid in 19t. Sorry guys no victories for me, I was a little trigger happy in the beginning of the mod final and took out poor Juho on accident. I apologized to him and his team for my lack of throttle control on corner exit. I had no idea his car didn\'t have the punch that the gear diff was able to lay in the old Serpent ride. Most likely his diffs were slipping. LOL.

All in all, the team did really well, we laughed had a great time and I truly enjoyed the company of the two other teammates. I really felt we worked well together and hope for a more in the future. To all those out there, we have so much more to learn and so much more to improve. Keep your chins up, and be rest assured that Serpent will be working hard to help all of you win more races locally,nationally or internationally.


Billy Easton