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Jan 29, 2008

Serpent\'s off road development driver Jörn Neumann was in action again over the weekend with his 1:8 Serpent Prototype buggy this time racing at the Kyosho International Indoor in Ostrava in the Czech Republic.

It was another strong showing for the pairing with the young German taking his second Nitro event TQ of the month which he then covert into an easy victory. Jörn sent us this report -

Gerd (Strenge) and I were in Czech Republic from 26-27 January, the race was in a very big ice hockey arena with a lot of space for visitors. The track was ok, with carpet and a kind of grass. So, it was very difficult, to find the best tire.

We test Prolines and Hobaos, and by the final we had chosen the Hobaos, because it was a little bit faster on the carpet parts.

I think that for such big events the organisers need a controlled tire, because every driver need all tires and that is very expensive for none sponsored drivers. A controlled tire is easy and everyone would have the same conditions. That is my own opinion.

In the practice my Serpent Prototype Buggy was ok but we used the wrong tires, Schumacher Minipin), we thought this would be the correct tire for carpet. In 1/10 electric, we used Schumacher Minipin and that is every time the fastest tire. But 8th scale is different. And we asked some drivers, have you tires and they give us 1 set Hobaos. That was the right decison.

I won three qualifiers from 4 with my OS powered Serpent Buggy which gave me the TQ. The bonus of this was that we could sleep on on Sunday morning!!

In the Semi Final practice we tested other Hobao tires, because the other set was finished. We had only one set for half final and final. We hoped that was enough. The half final was 20 minutes long. The beginning of the race was awesome, I was in the lead by 10 seconds, but after the first fuel stop, my front driveshaft broke and I had to drive more then 10 minutes with a 2WD car. I was very lucky. For the final we change the driveshaft and the Serpent Buggy was ready for the final. After 45 minutes final, I took the win with my OS powered car.

Jörn Neumann - 84 Laps
Daniel Reckwardt - 82 Laps
Gerhardt Frank - 79 Laps

Before the weekend in Czech Public, Gerd and I talked a lot about the 8th scale Buggy. Gerd changed the steering servo 45 degrees and the throttle linkage. It was a little step forward. Maybe new updates at the Silver Sate?????


Jörn Neumann
Car: Serpent 1/8 Proto
Engine: OS

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