My location: United States
Jan 6, 2008

This weekend at the ACO Racing Track in the New Territories, Hong Kong, Serpent\'s 2008 Serpent Nitro Tour will kick off with its first event of the New Year which is being hosted by our Asian dristributor World Model.

The event will see racing for 1:8, 1:10 200mm and Serpent\'s unique F180 with numbers restricted to 100 drivers to ensure maximum track time for all those competitors joining in the annual two day event. Already entries have been received from Macau, China, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Thailand and of course Hong Kong.

Racing will see each driver run four 10 minute qualifying heats to determine there starting position for the finals at the 285 meters long track.

Keeping with the spirit of the Serpent Nitro Tour of sharing information, a number of leading Serpent drivers such as Michael Salven and the Sahashi brothers will be on hand to offer technical support and on Sunday evening following the racing World Model will host a drivers dinner at which trophies and prizes will be presented and experiences of the day will be exchanged among competitors.

World Model are also providing competitors with free transport to and from the official hotel to the track for the event.