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Dec 19, 2007

Team Serpent Sweden driver Per Ola Hard, better known for his 1:10 nitro exploits took part in the recent Lucia Indoor Race for EP cars driving Serpent\'s S400. Peo sent us the follow report and images from the annual race -

The Swedish electric racing elite gathered for a indoor race in Borås Sweden on the 15:th of December, an annual event always run on the weekend closest to the Saint Lucia day that is celebrated in Sweden on the 13:th of December each year before Christmas.

Top drivers like Alexander Hagberg, Joel Myrberg, Tommy Bergfelt to name a few joined this special race to be run in “Reedy Race Format” where the modified drivers all meet each other in heat by heat run like finals and point to be counted.

Team Serpent Sweden had a strong team with drivers like Tommy Bergfelt, Christoffer Södergren, Oscar Callgard and nitro driver Per-Ola Hard who a month ago picked up electric racing again with a Serpent S400 after six years of absence.

After six exciting rounds of racing international top driver Alexander Hagberg won in great style followed by a strong Serpent force with Tommy Bergfelt in Second and Christoffer Sodergren in third. Per-Ola “Peo” Hard and Oscar Callgard made top ten positions finishing in 9:th and 10:th position.

A very well run and fun race organised by the local racing club in Boras Sweden.

Next major race in Sweden will the electric nationals held in Malmoe Sweden on the 26-27:th of January 2008, stay tuned for a report on that one racers!

[b]Overall Result
Swedish Lucia Race 2007[/b]

1. Alexander Hagberg - Xray - 32 points
2. Tommy Bergfeldt - Serpent S400 - 30
3. ChristofferSödergren - Serpent S400 - 30
4. Mathias Larsson - Associated - 29
5. Emil Petersson - Tamiya - 29
6. Rasmus Thulin - Kyosho - 27
7. Niclas Brunsberg - Kyosho - 26
8. Joel Myrberg - Associated - 25
9. Per-Ola Hård - Serpent S400 - 25
10.Oscar Callgard - Serpent S400 - 24