My location: United States
Dec 10, 2007

Young British driver Josh Castle took his Serpent S400 to the World famous Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield, where a flowing track had been laid out for the UK’s top juniors to do battle.

Josh had not run the S400 prior to this meeting and after round two had put the S400 in the top slot by an impressive two laps over his nearest rival showing just how good the car was out of the box. After qualifying Josh had slipped to fourth place as he experimented with set ups to fine tune the S400 to his liking.

When the A Final buzzer sounded Josh took a cautious first turn only to be shunted into the track markings leaving him at the back of the field. After a few laps to settle himself, he then put in an impressive display to work his way through the field in an attempt to recover a podium finish.

By lap seven he had taken fifth place, another two laps saw him move into third and a podium place. Josh and his S400 were working as one, the car looking very smooth and stable in the corners, it only took him another three laps to take second place and allow him to give chase to the leader, unfortunately for Josh he was beaten by the clock.

The outcome for this young driver and his first outing with his Serpent S400 was Vice Chairman in the UK juniors under 13 class.