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Dec 2, 2007

Serpent Driver Development team member Oscar Cabezas and his father will switch duties for the 2008 season! Well when it comes to racing Serpent\'s F180 that is.

Oscar\'s dad is best known for his quick pit work on his son\'s distinctively coloured 960 & 720 but now the successful team will switch roles when Mr. Cabezas will race the Cabezas colours in the new F180 Spanish series for the unique nitro powered Formula race car.

Oscar tested his father\'s new car over the weekend at the Madrid circuit where he starred during the 2007 EFRA 1:10 European Championships and he was surprised by the speed and handling of the car.

If the pair can switch roles successfully, the Cabezas F180 Team is set to be a very strong force in the series.